02 Cam Kashani 'Godmother of Silicon Beach' aka Laugh Attack

She is crowned the Godmother of Silicon Beach. An Entrepreneur and a 3 time founder. She’s a highly sought after transformational and mindset coach, an Expert Speaker with US State Department. She’s worked with over 4000 Entrepreneurs and over 700 startups. Named by Inc Magazine as ‘one of thirty “Inspirational Women in Tech” and was featured with, LinkedIn on International Women’s Day this year in 2019 and with Delta Sky Magazine.

Her career as an entrepreneur has revolved around breaking down barriers and rebuilding people into BADASSES and is why she is such a sought after speaker and profound Executive Transformation Coach.

As if that wasn’t impressive enough, she’s a single mother of twin boys. And as legend has it, she turned down the role to star in the movie Wonder Woman because human optimization takes no days off.



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