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Welcome to the “Call To Action” Podcast #CTAP where we bring you incredible people and even more incredible stories with discussions, and topics about what it takes to sacrifice everything to overcome hardships and failures to achieve success.

My name is Ben and my co-pilot is Keith. We lead a tight-knit software engineer and design firm in sunny Santa Monica, CA.

Join the Call To Action Family weekly as we dive in deep with our guests, which will range from leaders in Tech, Sports, Entertainment and everything in between to give you, the listeners, a real and raw perspective on what drives human’s to success. We will not hold back on this podcast and everything is game. We are not PC Warriors nor do we condemn the occasional F*%k bomb.

So SMASH that subscribe button and get pumped-up with these incredible people who heard the call.... Now, it's your turn.

Ben and Keith set the tone for what's to come on our new podcast, Call To Action! Look for new CTAP episodes every week and follow us on all major podcast platforms, the YouTube Channel and on our website:


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People who sacrificed everything. I'm your host Ben Gordon and it's my honor and privilege to be alongside my fellow man Keith the founder CTO and head wizard of our team here at Dimensions software. Hope you're all doing absolutely fantastic today as this is our very first introduction podcast episode. Why you should listen to call the action podcast. We are a tight-knit software engineer and design firm here in sunny Santa Monica California been around since 1998 Bill beautiful mobile apps websites and custom solutions for both startups and established companies. We got the housekeeping out of the way we wanted to let you know our real Mission behind call the action. Diving deep with our guests. Sing from leaders and Tech Sports leaving the film industry to give you the listeners a real and raw perspective on what drives humans to success. This podcast. Everything is game on we are not PC Warriors. Yes conversations can get a bit wild and off topic and yes at any moment's notice things can get well a little weird but also yes we truly care about our community of talented leaders and are very excited to share some inspiring conversations with people who heard the gall. Super stoked to take this podcast Journey with y'all you're going to love our guests and their stories and you can check us out on our website dimension software.com. Say what's up all of this will be on her show notes at the end of each episode. Subscribe button if you find her content useful. Again. Call to action podcast.

Call to Action PodcastCall to Action Podcast Android
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