Jim DeCicco - Super Coffee, Shark Tank, Entrepreneurship, Fund Raising & Succeeding | EP 09

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He is the oldest brother of three and CEO of Kitu Life, makers of Super Coffee, one of the most successful and health-based coffee brands on the planet, being recognized by Inc. 5000 as the #1 Fastest Growing Company in Food and Beverage and #18 Fastest Growing Company in the US.

Only 18 months after launching their coffee company from their youngest brother’s dorm room, they appeared on Shark Tank pitching straight fire on national television, instantly proving that they had the cojones, the endurance, the entrepreneurial whits to be successful, despite having Barbara break his heart in front of millions of people watching… but we’re focused on the positives here…

So just a few years later, their mission to mass produce positive energy in a bottle has completely changed the world of coffee for cracked-out caffein fein’s like myself.

His six pack abs and barreled chest Co-Captained the Colgate University football team playing Running Back & Wide Receiver, he’s a Board Member for Forbes Under 30 and…

Aside from being the 2011 recipient of the Anita Williams Peck Public Speaking Award, Netflix is doing a sequel called Caffein Cowboys starring The Three DeCicco Brother’s,

Please welcome the oldest, Jim DeCicco.

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