Nate Brock - Marine Scout Sniper, Range Master for Santa Barbara Police Department, DEFEND Tactical Firearm Training, Whiskey, and Goats | EP13 PT1

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Our next guest has one of the strongest American names I’ve ever heard and it’s fitting because he is a true American hero.

A Santa Barbara, CA native, he joined the Marine Corps after 9/11 and initially served in the Infantry, then as a PSD (Personal Security Detail) and then as an elite operator in the Marine Scout Sniper platoon deploying to Iraq in 2009 and 2010.

After retiring from the military, his desire to serve his country and humanity continued while working with a non-profit called Direct Relief International where he was deployed to Haiti twice in 2010 in efforts to help NGO’s (non-governmental organizations) and hospitals get medical supplies after the horrific earthquake that devastated the country.

Following his 5 year stint with the non-profit, he moved into private security for a year, doing executive protection for clients based in Santa Barbara and Los Angeles. Basically an overwhelmingly qualified baby sitter at times I would assume for some celebrities and big business personal, but I digress…

Now a days, he is the range master for the Santa Barbara Police Department for the past 8 years and in his spare time he runs a firearms training company, DEFEND, where he teaches professional firearms training and tactics derived from real world scenarios and experiences making the training from him the highest of quality, which is what separates him from some of the ‘Influencer firearms instructors’.

As if that wasn’t impressive enough, he’s a father of 2 daughters, a husband and has a Kinesiology degree from one of the most prestigious Kinesiology departments in the country, Westmont College, also my alma mater.

He’s a warrior, a pipe hitter built like a Brock, his favorite music artist is Lady Gaga, and he’s a man your kids should look up to be like when their older because he embodies what being a true American hero really is…

Give it up for our next guest to the show, Nate Brock!


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