Dr. Juan Salinas - Pnuff Crunch, Shark Tank Deal with Mark Cuban, Doctorate in Food Science, Shredded Abs

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Have you ever had a craving for an Oreo? Or Chips Ahoy if you’re into that kind of thing… or simply an ice cold drink of Nestle chocolate milk?

Our next guest has most likely helped design, market and produce those very products and many more.

From being a Program Leader developing cookie and cracker products, to managing the global development and launch of new gum brands worth $100’s of MM for Kraft Foods Group, Senior Project Manager for Cadbury, and Global Project Manager/Director for Nestle - this man was destined to build the next big tasty food.

And that’s exactly what he’s doing.

He’s the Founder and CEO of Pnuff Crunch, a delicious bean based peanut puff snack that is one of the healthiest snacks on the market - which plays to the marketing genius = if you eat a whole bag, you won’t feel like a fatass.

With an outstanding appearance on Shark Tank last year, this doctor of food science from Rutgers negotiated a deal with Mark Cuban because of the impressive business he started. That and his absolutely shredded physique that you too can work towards, with the help of Pnuff Crunch ;)

Please welcome our next guest who’s clearly an underachiever, OH! Dr. Juan Salinas


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